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The differences between 'real' and 'fake' food
n "Real Food, Fake Food," by Larry Olmsted. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, Copyright 2016. 336 pages. Back in July, Larry Olmsted was featured on "The Diane Rehm Show," talking about his book "Real Food, Fake Food." The discussion revolved around olive oil, which is claimed to be the healthiest fat on the planet.
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Fake Food Japan - 70+ Years in the Biz
Want some artificial food displays for your restaurant? Replica food for your film/commercial set? We cater worldwide to the plastic food prop (sampuru) biz.
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4 healthy alternatives to flavored coffee creamers
There are a lot of articles out there telling you to put down the coffee and pick up less caffeine-packed beverages like herbal teas. While we agree that
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4 Strange Ways to Perk Up Your Coffee
What's the latest trend in the coffee world? Weird but healthy ingredients. Health gurus are taking matters into their own hands, or mugs in this case, and are opting for spices, unique milks and even butter in their daily cup of joe. The trick is that these specialty additives are specific, unique and precisely measured.
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How Chinese making fake eggs
This is the way Chinese people make fake eggs. Therefore, you have to be careful when travelling to China and buying goods there. Thank you so much for watching!
2,500 Tons of the Food We Eat is Fake
Do you really know what's in your cheese? New evidence may cast some doubt on the purity of your favorite foods. Interpol, the international criminal police organization, announced that it seized thousands of tons of fake food in a joint operation with Europol over the past two months-including seemingly benign mainstays like mozzarella, eggs, bottled mineral water, strawberries, cooking oil and dried fruit-in 47 countries.
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The food industry is a strange sort so here you will see all the crazy stuff we are eating.
Real Foods vs. #FakeFoods - DrAxe.com
"Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing Baby" - Marvin Gaye Today, the question is not: What foods should you eat to be healthy?... The real question is: Are you eating food at all? Are you eating real food or fake food?
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